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168 Commercial Road, Morwell

Open Hours

Monday to Friday 8am-6pm
Saturday 8am-1pm


(03) 5133 6067


Manny's Markey Morwell

Mannys Market Morwell

Delivering Fresh Produce Daily
from Local Growers and Melbourne Market

If you are looking for a supplier who is trustworthy and price competitive in wholesale Fruit & Vegetables, look no further than Manny’s Market Morwell.

Free Delivery 6 days a week Monday – Saturday

Whether you are a Restaurant, school, café or bar we will recommend you with the right product and assist you through the full progress such as selecting the correct produce. The friendly team at Manny’s Morwell will advise you on current stock issues with certain lines of produce. We can also help you with fresh seafood, meat, poultry and all continental deli needs.

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Produce safety is our paramount ensuring all certificates of quality insurance allows our chefs to know the products we buy are safe and the companies, growers and agents we buy from are safe and operate with sufficient diligence to ensure perfection is met. If you wish to seek clarification, speak to Andrew Bulmer from Bulmer Farms or Tony Cummoudo from Cummoudo farms who are two of our biggest local suppliers. Wouldn’t it be nice to reach in your coolroom for your avocados and never have to worry about the condition they are in.
Give us a call and speak to one of our experienced staff members at Manny’s Market Morwell.

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